Long-Distance Transportation in Charlotte, NC

Atlas Limousine, located in Concord, NC, provides the long distance car service you need when you have to go the extra mile.
Our drivers have what it takes to go the duration, and our luxury vehicles are well-equipped to keep you comfortable all the way.
Our limousine company operates in numerous cities and states and can accommodate most requests for long-distance runs. 

  • Go the Distance

    We serve numerous areas nationwide and provide long distance rid service to help clients get across or out of state. For example, we often provide transportation to and from Virginia, DC, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Florida, and South Carolina. We can easily take you from NYC to DC, FL, GA, ME, IL, and many other places. Let us know precisely where you want to go, and we'll get you there ASAP.

  • Experience Diversity

    Our luxury vehicles are designed to cater to any situation or preference. Single and couple riders might enjoy our four-passenger sedan for a ride to a family gathering or vacation. Our suburban SUVs can accommodate up to seven people and are excellent for corporate functions and business trips. Anyone looking for a top-tier SUV can reserve our Cadillac Esca as well. We also have luxury coaches and motor coaches for up to 56 passengers for those taking an entire team or class. Don't forget about our breathtaking six-passenger stretch limos, because you can also reserve a ride in one of those.

  • Sit Back and Relax

    Our aim is to ensure you experience a relaxing trip and get to your destination on time. We achieve the first goal by only using the highest quality of vehicles. Our fleet vehicles have leather seating, black exteriors, and a wealth of accommodating amenities. Our drivers are well-seasoned and trained to use friendly and personalized customer service processes. Therefore, you can be confident that your experience will be pleasant, and you'll have positive interaction and much-needed rest.

  • Keep Surge Pay in Your Pocket

    You never have to worry about paying surge rates or fees when you use our company for your long-distance rides. We greatly pride ourselves on being one of the fairest businesses in the area regarding pricing. That's why we're an excellent alternative to services like Uber and Uber Black. You can schedule your trip anytime during the week and feel confident your rates will be reasonable.

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